Shoprite to push promotion flyers via Lela

November 7, 2013, 10:54am
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Shoprite Mid-month Promotions: November 4 to November 17

In a show of changing times and technology, Shoprite in collaboration with Lela shall be making all their promotion fliers available in digital form on the Lela platform. This development means that people with smartphones do not have to go to Shoprite physically to see the in-store promotions that are currently running.

This collaboration has been necessitated by the need to reduce the costs of advertising and yet at the same time give people access to the same material on devices that they use every day. This makes media more accessible, available and more personal as the Lela platform allows for meaningful interactions in and amongst other users and the publishers of the adverts themselves; in this case Shoprite. Users can interact directly with Shoprite by letting them know what they think of a certain product, or for example shops where the products have run out of stock due to demand and so on. They can do this via comments and posting their own stories on Lela about their experiences with Shoprite shops.

With Lela’s ability to comment on posts and share content on social media networks, this means this approach is likely to create more awareness of Shoprite’s products than traditional media and yet at the fraction of the cost. This means after viewing a promotional flyer on Lela, a person can post the same post on their Facebook Wall, share on Twitter and other social media. They can also comment and discuss around the products being advertised in the flyers.

This brings a whole new level of interactivity to product advertising which is not possible with one dimensional traditional media. No flyers need to be printed if digital media via Lela is going to be used to advertise Shoprite products.

The very first flyers from Shoprite to be posted on Lela are for the current mid-month promotions for November. Tap on the image above to view the flyer page by page.

Offers valid from Monday 4 November 2013 until Sunday 17 November 2013, while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Available at Shoprite Namibia stores only. Vat included. Errors & omissions excepted