Nanyeni denies conflict with Amukwiyu

06 Nov 2013 19:30pm
ONGWEDIVA, 06 NOV (NAMPA) - Ondangwa businesswoman Fenny Nanyeni has vehemently denied reports that she attempted to set the home of the Swapo-Party coordinator for the Oshikoto Region, Armas Amukwiyu, on fire at Omuthiya a few weeks ago.
Speaking to Nampa here on Monday, Nanyeni said the dispute was in fact between herself and Tsumeb-based company Auto Tech.
She also denied being in a business partnership with Amukwiyu and having a disagreement with him which soured the supposed relationship.
Last week, anonymous sources informed this news agency that the Swapo-Party coordinator’s house was placed under police guard after Nanyeni allegedly attempted to torch it following a disagreement between the two.
The disagreement was said to be about a truck which was bought by Amukwiyu in Windhoek with money that was availed by Nanyeni for a business which was reportedly co-owned by the two.
“Amukwiyu was just a middle man because he is the one who sought the truck in question for me,” she stated.
Asked if she know anything about police officers guarding Amukwiyu’s house, Nanyeni said she was not aware of that, but that she was recently approached by police officers at Omuthiya who asked her if she “has a problem”.
“They just left after I told them I have no problem,” she said, adding that the police officers were from the Okatope Police Station.
Nanyeni alleged that Auto Tech has over the past three years been reluctant to provide certain documents so that she could register the truck in her name with the Namibia Traffic Information System (NaTIS).
“Auto Tech only provided me with the documents on the 24th of last month, and the problem has been solved,” she noted.
She said the truck can now be registered in her name after her cousin, Asser Nangolo, managed to obtain the documents from Auto Tech on that day.
Contacted for comment, Nangolo also said the truck was never registered in Amukwiyu’s name, describing reports of Nanyeni’s alleged attempts to torch his house as a fabrication.
“What she wanted to set on fire was the truck, because she told me while I was in Tsumeb struggling to get the documents that she will burn down the truck if I bring it back to Ondangwa without its proper papers,” he said.
When this news agency spoke to Auto Tech owner Rainier Arangies on Wednesday, he refuted Nanyeni’s claim that his company was unwilling to provide the documents.
“The blame is on their part because she (Nanyeni) never picked up her phone to contact and tell me that she finds it difficult to have the truck registered in her name. For the past two years they have been using the truck while it was still registered in my name,” he noted.
Arangies said he also could not understand what the problem was that was preventing Nanyeni from registering the truck in her name.
“I though they broke the vehicle or they had perhaps made it unfit to pass the test at NaTIS,” he explained.
Nanyeni admitted that she never met with Arangies or spoke to him, adding that Amukwiyu had been in contact with Auto Tech on her behalf.