Late Muharukua's family still in dispute over burial

11 Oct 2017 19:50pm
OPUWO, 11 OCT (NAMPA) - The dispute between two family groups at Okatjetje Village over the late Kunene Governor, Angelika Muharukua’s final burial place is still unsolved.
The meeting that was supposed to provide feedback to the public Tuesday but ended without reaching an agreement as to where the late governor would be laid to rest.
The dispute started when one family group agreed that the late governor should be buried at Heroes’ Acre after Government accorded a State funeral, while the other group rejected this proposal and instead said the late governor should be buried at Okozongondjoza in Ovinjange Village.
Tuesday’s meeting was attended by traditional leaders, Government representatives, family from late Muharukua’s mother, father and late husband.
Attending the meeting was former Member of Parliament (MP) Kazenambo Kazenambo who tried to persuade the elders and family to recognise the love Namibians had for the late governor and avoid the dispute in politics.
“Heroes' Acre is for those who worked and fought for this country,” Kazenambo emphasised.
He said family members should remember that the late governor was the first Himba woman to be a Cabinet member, and therefore she must be the first Himba to be buried at Heroes’ Acre.
One family member, Ujeuetu Tjihange told Nampa that being buried at Heroes’ Acre is not the only way that you can be regarded as a hero.
Heroes can be buried anywhere he or she prefers to be buried as long the Government or citizens recognise him or her.
Head of family Uemujendera Ndjai refused to speak at Tuesday’s meeting at Okatjetje. However, the family is expected to give final feedback to the public on Wednesday.