Uukwangula residents want to be part of Oshakati

11 Oct 2017 16:50pm
UUKWANGULA, 11 OCT (NAMPA) – Residents of the Uukwangula settlement on Tuesday strongly demanded to be part of Oshakati town.
The demands were made during a meeting with Oshana Chief Regional Officer (CRO) Martin Elago at the settlement.
“Most of us are unable to develop our plots because we don’t have money to do so, and to make matters worse is the financing institutions that are unwilling to grant us loans as we are leasing the plots without ownership,” said residents.
The intention is for the settlement to have an independent local authority in future, but Elago indicated that this would not materialise in the near future because of the economic crisis currently facing Namibian local authorities.
Residents felt the inclusion of their settlement into Oshakati is an alternative if they are to obtain ownership of their plots and eventually be granted housing loans by commercial banks to develop their plots.
Elago told the gathering that the Oshana Regional Council is not opposed to suggestions that the settlement be absorbed by the Oshakati town.
“But bear in mind that you will be paying more rates for the town council services once you become part of the town set-up, higher than what you currently paying for your plots at a settlement level,” he said.
According to the CRO, the Uukwangula plots have no commercial value and cannot be sold to individual occupants under the settlement administration.
Approached for comment on Wednesday, Oshakati Town Council Chief Executive Officer, Werner Iita welcomed the suggestion by Uukwangula residents for the settlement to be part of his town.
“Although we didn’t get any written official correspondence, to the council I think there will be no problem with that and we appreciate that actually,” Iita replied, adding that his council will be waiting for a written suggestion.
Iita said it is easy for Uukwangula to become part of Oshakati as the town is already bordering with the settlement.
Uukwangula is situated some 10 kilometres in the west of Oshakati in the Okatana Constituency and houses the constituency office and that of the Uukwambi Traditional Authority.
Uukwangula was declared a settlement in 2003 and placed under the administration of the Oshana Regional Council.
It was a traditional dwelling and business centre in the past and is now demarcated into some 300 plots for both business and residential establishments.
The settlement already has water, electricity and sewerage services.
The meeting heard that so far only two residents have managed to build decent houses on their plots.