More than 100 hippos dead in Bwabwata National Park

08 Oct 2017 15:00pm
RUNDU, 08 OCT (NAMPA) – The number of hippos that have died of unknown causes in the Bwabwata National Park’s Mahango core area, has increased to 109.
On Wednesday the number stood at 52, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s Deputy Director for the North-East regions, Apollinaris Kanyinga told Nampa on Sunday.
Kanyinga said the ministry is busy investigating the cause of death and has flown in a veterinarian from Windhoek for this reason.
Blood samples have been taken from the animals for testing, but it is not yet known when the results will be made available.
“This is the first time we are experiencing so many hippos dying at once. It has never happened before,” Kanyinga said.