Kavango education office now providing school with water

05 Nov 2013 11:20am
KAPARARA, 05 NOV (NAMPA) - The Kavango regional education office is transporting water in a tank to the Kaparara Senior Primary School situated in the Kavango West Region to prevent the schoolÂ’s closure.
Teaching staff at the school intended to close the school last month due to a shortage of water, which has apparently been making teaching and learning difficult since last year.
The school was established in the early 1970s, and is situated some 110 kilometres (km) south-west of Rundu.
It does not have its own water pump, and the only community pump which the school shares with the villagers broke down early last year.
Since the community water pump stopped functioning, teachers and over 200 learners at this school have been surviving on water collected in two 200-litre drums from another village some 10kms away.
Nzinze Circuit Inspector Kletus Karondo told this agency on Tuesday that the regional education office resolved to provide the school with a tank of 2 000 litres of water twice a week until the end of this academic year.
This follows after Nampa reported last month on the planned closure of the school due to the shortages of water.
Karondo said a driver from the regional office has been tasked to transport water to the school.
Asked whether the office will consider setting up a borehole at the school, he said the school uses a community borehole and as such, it is the responsibility of the community to fix it.
Due to financial constraints, the education directorate also does not have a budgetary allocation to drill boreholes at schools, and thus urged community members surrounding the Kaparara school to take ownership of the borehole and fix it.
The lack of water also negatively affected livestock, as they now enter the same village in search of water every day.
The teachers were earlier forced to make financial contributions to cover the fuel costs to fetch water every day for the learners, but they are now fed-up because it is draining them financially.
Over 70 learners at the school are said to have dropped out of school due to the water shortages, while others report to school as late as 09h00.
The Kaparara Senior Primary School runs from Grades One to Seven, and is a satellite school for about eight schools from nearby villages.