Parents urged to discipline learners at home

05 Nov 2013 11:20am
GOBABIS, 05 NOV (NAMPA) – The Director of Education in the Omaheke Region, Peka Semba called on parents to assist teachers with the disciplining of their children at home to prevent them from missing classes due to suspensions.
Semba, who was speaking on Monday during a parents’ meeting at the local Wennie du Plessis High School, said parents often leave the disciplining of their children to the teachers, which makes it difficult for teaching and learning to take place.
Many of the problems of ill-discipline experienced at some of the region’s schools could be attributed to a lack of parental involvement in the activities of the children, both on and off school-grounds, he added.
“We need to take an active role in ensuring that our children are disciplined at school, and that they do not create unnecessary problems at their respective schools. We can do this by being actively involved in their educational activities, and not only come to school to complain,” stressed Semba.
The Education Director didn’t mince his words in warning the parents present at the meeting that the lack of efforts in their children’s education could have unwelcome results for their children.
“I have been a teacher all my life, and I know for a fact how much difference the involvement of parents in their children’s education can make. We need to discipline these children at home.
Take away their cellphones. Always know where they are, because the reality is that what you send to school is exactly what you will receive in terms of results at the end of the day,” Semba noted.
Wennie du Plessis, just like a few other secondary schools in the region, has been rocked by persistent ill-discipline, which ranges from chronic absenteeism to unruly behaviour towards teachers on school grounds.
Although the school’s management has done its best to reverse these negative trends, the former top-performing school is yet to regain the sparkle which made it one of Omaheke’s top performers in the past.
The parents’ meeting on Monday was yet another effort of the school’s management to interact with parents in order to chart new mechanisms to deal with indiscipline at the school.
The Mokganedi Thlabanelo High School, situated some 40km north of Gobabis, is another school haunted by perennial problems of indiscipline.
The school is also a former shining beacon for the Omaheke Region in terms of the educational standards in the years preceding Namibia’s independence, and shortly after 1990.