Simasiku plans to sue police and municipality

03 Oct 2017 16:40pm
KATIMA MULILO, 03 OCT (NAMPA) - The man who was injured during a scuffle with police and council officials at Katima Mulilo last week, is planning to sue the police and municipality.
Mukendwa Simasiku, told Nampa from his hospital bed at the Katima Mulilo State Hospital on Monday he was shot in his left foot.
The 39-year old Simasiku, also known as Mayumbelo, told Nampa his condition is stable and he is using crutches.
Simasiku was one of a group of land grabbers who reportedly got violent, forcing the police to fire several warning shots in the air.
They were also allegedly arrested last month for illegally occupying land.
Simasiku is adamant that he and his group did not do anything wrong in occupying municipal land without permission. He said the council does not want to give them land, hence their decision to set up structures.
The Katima Mulilo Town Council had obtained eviction orders in August that were handed over to all those who grabbed land around the townÂ’s informal settlements.
Last Thursday the council, with the assistance of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), started demolishing illegal structures erected on municipal land.
Katima Mulilo Town Council Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Raphael Liswaniso, who was also at the scene, told this news agency they have had several meetings with the land grabbers, pleading with them to desist from illegally occupying town land.
Liswaniso said two weeks ago, land surveyors who have been sent to the area opposite the Chotto informal settlement were allegedly attacked by the same group.
He said the meetings with the land grabbers started during the time of his predecessor, but the community has been resisting.
The CEO said this left the council with no other option but to approach the courts for assistance, before forcefully removing the land grabbers.
He said those mainly guilty of grabbing land at the town are cattle herders from rural areas, while others are from neighbouring countries such as Angola, Botswana and Zambia.
Liswaniso said the exercise will continue in all areas of Chotto, Dairy Compound, Mahohoma, New Cowboy, and Makaravan East and West.
Katima Mulilo Town Council Public Relations Officer, Pasval Elija told this news agency on Tuesday the exercise is progressing well, with land grabbers removing their belongings and some of the structures voluntarily.