Not Enough Bursaries For Everyone - Namwandi

27 May 2013 06:30

WINDHOEK, 27 MAY (NAMPA) - The Minister of Education says it is painful to turn away deserving bursary and scholarship applicants, as the number of applications far exceeds the amount allocated for this purpose.
Dr David Namwandi said annually, the Namibia Students? Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) records a sharp increase in applications for loans, bursaries and scholarships from new entrants into university, continuing under-graduates as well as post-graduate students.
He made this remark in his keynote address on the occasion of Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC)?s bursary handover to six students from the Polytechnic of Namibia in the capital here on Monday.
The recipients are pursuing studies in the fields of electronic engineering and information technology.
MTC handed over six bursaries valued at N.dollars 500 000 collectively.
?There is simply not enough to go around for all applicants. It is painful to have to turn away a hopeful and deserving young applicant. It is an agony to turn away potential talent and ambition,? the minister noted.
He explained that funding for higher education traditionally relied on government subsidies, and in spite of the government?s generous support to higher education, educational needs are just too enormous to be catered for by the government alone.
Namwandi said the country requires focused and concerted effort from all stakeholders in order to create a better and more developed higher education sector in Namibia.
?The continued and sustained support of MTC is much-appreciated and greatly acknowledged,? the minister stated.
He then called on various sectors of the economy to emulate MTC?s exemplary gesture by assisting the government to invest heavily in higher education.
He further appealed to business people to take learners and students under their wings, adding that financing higher education is imperative as the country?s economic development depends on the presence of a skilled labour force.
?Congratulations to the six students who are receiving these awards from MTC. You have proven that hard work brings special rewards, and that effort pays off. Consider yourselves fortunate, do your best and succeed,? Namwandi urged them.