Rehoboth Chief Executive Officer suspended again.

30 Sep 2017 19:50pm
REHOBOTH, 30 SEP (NAMPA) – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Rehoboth Town Council, Christoph |Uirab was on Saturday served with a letter of suspension effective from 29 September with full pay.
The letter seen by this agency states that during a special meeting held by the council on Friday, it was resolved to suspend |Uirab with immediate effect on 14 different charges.
Winston Uirab, chairperson of the RTC Management Committee confirmed the suspension on Saturday, saying it is true and that the hearing will commence on 19 October.
“I can confirm that he was placed under precautionary suspension to afford council ample time to investigate allegations made against him and also to avoid any interference from his side during investigations,” |Uirab said.
The letter explains that the suspension was effected as a precautionary measure against |Uirab, who had allegedly interfered with on-going investigations against him on numerous occasions, delaying the finalisation of the investigation and the commencement of disciplinary action.
It is alleged that |Uirab threatened two staff with disciplinary action if they gave statements to Borris Isaacks who is leading the hearing proceedings.
It is also alleged that he refused to subject himself to a misconduct investigation.
The suspension is |Uirab’s second in over a year following one on 12 September 2016 for alleged gross insubordination and making sexual advances towards the former Rehoboth Town Council finance manager, Jennifer Kays.
He was however reinstated on the 15 September 2016.
On top of the pending charges, new charges of gross insubordination were added among them failure to execute council resolutions to terminate the security tender by giving three months' notice to the contracted companies and to re-advertise the tenders.
On the recent charge sheet also seen by this agency,|Uirab is accused of gross negligence by allowing the town’s electricity bills to escalate from N.dollars 19 million in February this year to the latest figure of N.dollars 43 million.
|Uirab also allegedly failed to submit a budget for three months into the new financial year and put the Rehoboth Town Council in serious disrepute with the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.
Further charges include refusing to sign cheques for the payment of attorney Christopher Stanley who was representing the council in an important civil matter against Rehoboth Properties.
Contacted for comment on Saturday, |Uirab acknowledge receipt of the suspension letter and called it “illegal” as the Minister of Urban and Rural Development was allegedly not consulted.
“At this moment, I will not divulge the content of the letter. All I can say is that I received it Saturday morning. I was supposed to get it on Monday, but received it during the weekend for reasons only known to them. This is the second time that I am illegally and without correct procedures, being suspended again,” |Uirab said.
He said for any additional information, Willie Swartz, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the council should be contacted as he facilitated the whole process.