Otjombinde district to miss November Swapo Congress

30 Sep 2017 12:50pm
WINDHOEK, 30 SEP (NAMPA) – The Swapo party congress, slated for Windhoek on 23 – 26 November this year, will take place without representatives from the Otjombinde district, which was disqualified for not having proper structures in place.
Confirming the date of the congress and the disqualification of Otjombinde, Swapo party Secretary-General (SG), Nangolo Mbumba told Nampa on Friday that an earlier agreement between the party’s national leadership and the Otjombinde district compelled it to put proper structures in place and report to head office through the relevant structures, which they had not done to-date.
Mbumba said the leadership was willing to help Otjombinde to structure the party, but that there was no response from the district itself so far.
Newly-elected Omaheke regional mobiliser for Swapo, Eben Handura affirmed Mbumba’s sentiments on Friday, saying without proper structures, the Otjombinde district will not make it to congress or any other important Swapo meetings.
The Otjombinde district leadership according to Handura cannot bypass the regional leadership in solving the matter and report to the politburo through the office of the SG.
“The district must gather first from which they will have to meet the regional executive who will then process their resolutions through to the office of the SG, to the politburo, but in the absence of these structures, the decision to disqualify them from the congress will be a done deal,” explained Handura.
He told this agency that the newly elected regional leadership had not yet been endorsed to start operations.
Handura urged the Otjombinde district leadership to approach the regional leadership and sit around the table to address their differences for the best interest of the party.
Another party member who spoke to Nampa on condition of anonymity agreed with Handura saying that people from outside the region will not solve the issues as this would have to be done by the affected members of Otjombinde themselves.
The Swapo politburo disqualified the Otjombinde district from the November congress after it was alleged that Swapo members in the district threatened the lives of senior party members sent to the Omaheke region from head office.
In an earlier interview with Nampa, Uazuva Kaumbi, a political analyst said the ruling party had not done justice to its members in the Otjombinde district by disqualifying it.
Kaumbi said Swapo should have found a different way to rectify the irregularities rather than deny the members their legitimate opportunity to air their voices.