Mwoombola's visit to Opuwo hospital expected to bring change

30 Sep 2017 11:20am
WINDHOEK, 30 SEP (NAMPA) – The visit of the Permanent Secretary (PS) of Health, Andreas Mwoombola to Opuwo District Hospital is anticipated by the Opuwo Rural Constituency councillor, Kazeongere Tjeundo, to bring changes to this much talked about institution in Kunene.
Mwoombola visited the region on Thursday after an elderly woman was reported to have died while waiting to be attended to at the Opuwo Clinic.
In an interview with Nampa on Friday, Governor of the Kunene Region Angelika Muharukua said she called the Health Minister, Bernard Haufiku who promised to send Mwoombola to the region.
The PS had a combined meeting with the regional leadership and some senior medical staff on Thursday at the offices of the regional council. The meeting was also attended by some members of the public.
According to Tjeundo who is also the vice president of the official opposition, the DTA of Namibia, they proposed a few issues to the PS which they want the ministry to look into and respond in a reasonable timeframe.
Some of the issues Tjeundo mentioned are the entire hospital management which he said are not paying attention to their work sometimes and hence the alleged poor services at the hospital.
“We requested that the PS, among others talk to the medical staff to adhere to and uphold at all times their ethics and professionalism as well as provide the institution with some specialists in certain areas such as surgery, dentistry and others, which he promised to do by next year,” Tjeundo said.
He further told this agency that they also requested the Florence Nightingale torch to be re-introduced in health centres where every nurse will be the ears, mouth, nose and eyes of the patients.
Tjeundo told Nampa that the PS promised to address medical staff on Friday.
“I just want to promise the community out there that the meeting with the PS was a very fruitful one and we are monitoring it from a very close distance,” he said adding that the Opuwo Rural Constituency is one of the constituencies from where people flock for medical attention at the Opuwo District Hospital.
The councillor warned that should the required change not be visible enough, they will have no choice but to call Mwoombola back to the region.
Muharukua who also was part of the meeting told this Agency that all she wants to see is change although they cannot rush Government to provide this.
The governor said that they took Mwoombola to the scene where the woman died last week where upon arrival he saw another woman lying there thinking she was dead.
“The PS saw the real picture and the way he was communicating to us could show what he really was feeling and I don’t believe he will take this issue lightly,” said the governor.
A source at the hospital who is not allowed to speak to the media told Nampa that the PS had a meeting with the medical staff and much is anticipated to happen from now on.
Complaints at the Opuwo District Hospital have been reported since President Hage Geingob visited the region last year and was again reported on through various Parliamentary Standing Committees as well.
Councillor of the Opuwo Urban Constituency, Weich Mupya recently told Nampa that he had written letters to the ministry in this regard to which he was still awaiting a response.
Director of Health in Kunene, Thomas Shapumba, could not be reached for comment as his phone went unanswered since Thursday.