'I have not been suspended' - Goeiemann

September 30, 2017, 6:12am


by Online Writer

The Ministry of Works and Transport Permanent Secretary Willem Goeiemann has rubbished allegations that he has been suspended from his duties due to graft allegations.

Rumours are circulating that he has been forcibly kicked out of the Ministry premises this evening. He told The Villager that he had been alerted of the allegations of being forced from the Ministry.

"What did I do now? Hey, it is a story! I have also been receiving calls. People are calling from all over. I have not been suspended. I was at the office today, I will be in the office tomorrow. It's not true," he told The Villager.

He has also poured cold water on accusations that he has received a bribe to the tune of N$40m describing them as "crazy".

"Eish, N$40m? That's crazy. Decisions to grant the airport tender were done before I came. I have heard of those stories. I totally deny it!" he said.