Rainfall expected from October

28 Sep 2017 19:10pm
OSHAKATI, 28 SEP (NAMPA) – The likelihood of normal to above normal rainfall is anticipated over the country between October and December this year according to the Meteorological Service Division’s seasonal rainfall forecast for 2017/18 released on Wednesday.
According the report, the subsequent periods of November 2017 and February 2018, normal to below normal rains are anticipated in the northwest of the country, while elsewhere, normal to above normal rainfall is forecast.
“During the period of January to March 2018 the southern parts can expect normal to below normal rains while the bulk of the country can expect normal to above normal rain,” the report added.
El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) neutral conditions continue to be observed over the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, while the observed monthly ENSO index values fluctuated between -0.3 to -0.6 °C during August 2017 over the Nino regions, while weak La Nina conditions are being observed during the last weeks of September 2017, the forecast stated.
Global climate models further predict weak La Nina conditions to develop over the equatorial Pacific region (Nino regions) reaching a peak during December/January and weakening to neutral towards the end of February 2018.
Meanwhile, the below-average temperatures over the Namibia/Angola coast are expected to dissolve next year, whereas slightly above average temperatures experienced over the southwest Indian Ocean are expected to moderate during 2018, according to the report.