Hartmann murder suspect confesses to killing

25 Sep 2017 17:00pm
SWAKOPMUND, 25 SEP (NAMPA) - A 25-year-old man on Monday confessed to killing Swakopmund resident Manfred Karl Hartmann.
Uaaro Unaro Mbemukenga told the Swakopmund Magistrate’s Court that he assaulted Hartmann, 78, on 18 August at his house with the intention of killing him and stealing his property.
The suspect was employed by Hartmann as a gardener for over one month.
Walking on crutches, Mbemukenga was escorted to court under heavy police guard after his alleged resistance to arrest last month in Outjo, where he fled to after committing the murder.
Before his arrest on 21 August, the accused allegedly tried to run away but was shot by the police, after which he allegedly fell from a wall and broke his leg.
The police said he is recovering well from the bullet wound.
His confession detailed how he dragged the pensioner into a toilet, tied his arms behind his back and tied him against a toilet pot.
“I tied him up and beat him with bricks on the forehead,” said Mbemukenga.
Hartmann’s body was discovered in a pool of blood the same day he was killed.
The suspect also attempted to cut open the safe but failed, after which he stole a laptop and a mobile phone which were recovered by the police.
His case was postponed to 13 November 2017.
Hartmann’s killing happened the same month Roswitha Strzelecki, 79, and her husband Siegfried Strzelecki, 82, were assaulted by burglars. They died of their injuries.