Nganate wants focused learners

22 Sep 2017 18:40pm
GOBABIS, 22 SEP (NAMPA) - Special Advisor to the Omaheke Regional Governor, Pio Nganate has implored learners to avoid becoming parents before their time, as doing so will taint their future.
Addressing learners during a prize giving ceremony for top regional achievers here on Thursday, he said having children at such an early age often derails the focus and plans of those concerned.
Nganate, a former teacher, said Namibia faces a number of social and developmental challenges that require the intervention of future leaders who are today's learners.
As such, it will be a disfavour to the country and its future generations if today's learners fail in their quest for better education by becoming parents while still in school.
“As a country, we are relying on you to come and assist in the fight against poverty, disease and ignorance. We simply cannot do it alone,” he said.
The special advisor said the country currently has huge gaps in income between rich and poor citizens - something which needs the input of the current crop of academia to address.
He therefore urged the learners to study hard so as not to fall into the lower income brackets of society.
“We want you to be a shining example by bringing in new ideas and innovation which will take us forward as a country,” he noted.
Sixteen of the best performing learners, drawn from various schools across the region, were each awarded with a brand new modern Samsung Tablet, valued at about N.dollars 7 000 each.
The learners are in Grades 10 and Grade 12.