Namibia prepares for SADC Standby Force deployment

22 Sep 2017 18:30pm
GOBABIS, 22 SEP (NAMPA) - Namibia Defence Force (NDF) troops based at the Munjuku II Nguvauva Army base in the Omaheke Region on Thursday started training in preparation of deployment as part of a SADC Standby Force.
Namibia, as a Southern African Development Community member state, pledged a battalion as part of the SADC Standby Force during the SADC Defence Sub-committee meeting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania earlier this year.
The 12 Motorised Infantry Brigade of the NDF has therefore mobilised and formed a SADC Standby Battalion.
Pre-deployment training for the troops at the Munjuku II Nguvauva Army base started shortly after the event was officially opened.
The General Commanding Officer of the 12 Motorised Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Epimakus Tshavuka, officially opened the training.
Tshavuka urged the trainees to maintain discipline at all times during their training and when they are deployed to missions outside the country.
He said unruly conduct, the use of intoxicating substances and 'habitual drunkardness' will not be tolerated.
“You are expected to respect the local population where you will be deployed and avoid environmental degradation. We also expect you to be a shining example and ambassador for the country on your missions abroad,” he said.
Tshavuka also called on the troops to take their training seriously by being present at every session, and also timeously completing written exercises and tests given to them.
“Pre-deployment training is a vital aspect of any mission preparation. It is through such training that you learn how to conduct yourself when on the mission and also to be mentally prepared for it,” the commanding officer said.
He called for high integrity and a spirit of brotherhood among the trainees.
The Standby Force will be used in peace support missions in SADC member countries, if and when needed.
The training is expected to end on 10 October 2017, although it could be extended if deemed necessary.