Omaheke marks National Heritage Week

22 Sep 2017 16:30pm
GOBABIS, 22 SEP (NAMPA) - Celebration of National Heritage Week is in full swing in the Omaheke Region, as schools and community groups showcase cultural activities.
Amongst the activities on display are traditional song and dance and displays of various cultural costumes.
Learners of the #Khoandawes Primary School were amongst those who celebrated the week with a display of cultural performances including the traditional 'Nama Stap' dance routine, Oshiwambo cultural dance and Ovaherero traditional warrior chants here on Friday.
Senior Cultural Officer in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Rodger Ngeenguno told Nampa on Friday community groups and churches will also hold functions including the display of various cultural costumes as part of National Heritage Week, which ends on Sunday.
“We are celebrating the week in many ways as deemed fit by the region's various groupings,” he said.
The celebrations for the annual event in the Omaheke Region were officially launched on Wednesday.
The National Heritage Week, which is this year celebrated between 18 and 24 September, gives Namibians an opportunity to celebrate the country's diverse cultures, traditions and beliefs.
The celebrations also encourage Namibians to keep such cultures alive by passing them on to the younger generations.
Delivering the keynote address on the day, Omaheke Deputy Director for Lifelong and Adult Learning in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Edla Kaputu, made a clarion call to Namibians to 'jealously guard' their cultural values.
“We should guard our culture and not allow it to die, as it will have bad effects on us as a nation,” she said.
Kaputu said the advent of technology such as the internet has brought new influences into once closely-knit cultural setups, which continue to threaten the existence of pure cultural practices.
As such, she said, it was vital to remain steadfast and not allow such influences to dilute the authenticity of cultural practices.
Kaputu noted that heritage is manifested in different forms, most notable of which are books, artwork, buildings, languages, traditions and folklore.
She said the country's constitution, under Article 19, prompts Namibians to practise their diverse and rich cultures, which should be encouraged at all costs.
“This is our guaranteed right in the constitution, and we should therefore make full use of it,” she said.
The official launch of National Heritage Week, which is themed 'We are in it together', was held at the Epako Old Age Home.
It is also here where elders took to the podium on the day to share anecdotes, folklore and experiences from their illustrious lives.
Most of their stories focused on events around their youth, highlighting how simple and carefree life was back then.
The day also features cultural performances and displays of traditional artefacts.