Poor customer care a challenge: Nambahu

20 Sep 2017 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 20 SEP (NAMPA) – Poor customer care has become a challenge in the hospitality industry, Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, Tommy Nambahu has said.
Speaking at the inauguration of new board members of the Windhoek Country Club Resorts here on Wednesday, Nambahu said there has been a reduction in the purchasing power of consumers as the value of customer care is poor.
He emphasised that, as much as companies are focusing on marketing their brands, there should be quality on service delivery.
“If tourists are coming to Namibia and treated badly at a certain resort, that will speak volumes whether that tourist would want to come back to the same place or Namibia,” said Nambahu.
He emphasised that customer service plays an important role in an organisation’s ability to generate income and revenue.
“There is a need to focus on creating a culture of excellence in service delivery both in public and private sectors,” the deputy minister said.
The ministry has reappointed all four of the Windhoek Country Club Resort board members to serve until 2020 after their term came to an end in March this year.
The appointed board members are, Chairperson Sven Thieme, Deputy Chairperson Clara Bohitile who was not at the inauguration, Alec Boois and Terttu Nuuyuni.
Nambahu said, the reappointment comes after the ministry assessed and found the performance of the current board commendable.
The company achieved a Gross Operating Profit (GOP) of N.dollars 42 million in 2016, short of the target set of N.dollars 65 million by 2016.
Nambahu noted that the board showed commitment and hard work in improving and turning around the financial position of the company from N.dollars 151 million negative equity and liability position in 2009 to N.dollars 315 million positive position in 2016.
“I am convinced that the board will continue to focus on return on investment from all operations of the company and focus on promoting sustainable development in the sector,” he said.