Helao Nafidi Council closes Katwitwi business centre

18 Sep 2017 17:50pm
ONGWEDIVA, 18 SEP (NAMPA) – The Katwitwi informal business centre at Helao Nafidi is to be closed for both trade and accommodation, said the town’s mayor Eliaser Nghipangelwa.
Speaking to Nampa in an interview on Monday, Nghipangelwa said residents of the town’s Oshikango suburb were trading and dwelling illegally at Katwitwi over the past few years.
He indicated the centre is to be closed down so that the town council can regulate the area, formalise and bring it under control.
It is believed illegal trading activities, such as the sale of fuel smuggled into the country from Angola, have become the order of the day in Katwitwi.
“We have constructed a new omatala (open market) at Oshikango, where traders have to do their business, orderly, and we have also identified two sites where Katwitwi individuals will be allocated residential plots in the near future,” Nghipangelwa explained.
He on Saturday met with Katwitwi residents to inform them that no lodging or trading is allowed to continue there, and anybody doing business is contravening the law.
According to him, most people who have been selling alcohol at Katwitwi have been doing so without liquor licences.
“I told them during the Saturday meeting that I have no power to authorise alcohol trading as they were demanding me to grant them temporary permits to allow them further time to organise their legal venues,” he said.
The meeting between Nghipangelwa and residents on Saturday followed a demonstration by Oshikango informal traders complaining of high rental fees and shortage of spaces at the new open market.
They also claimed that the town council allowed them insufficient time to prepare before being relocated to the new open market some two weeks ago.
Nghipangelwa was unable to say what the capacity of the new open market is, saying it is not completed yet and more space is being created.