Businesswoman accused of attempting to torch Amukwiyu's house

01 Nov 2013 14:30pm
ONGWEDIVA, 01 NOV (NAMPA) – The home of Swapo-Party Co-ordinator for the Oshikoto Region, Armas Amukwiyu, was placed under police guard last weekend to prevent a business partner from setting it on fire after their relationship went sour.
The business partner, Fenny Nanyeni, allegedly attempted to torch Amukwiyu's house at Omuthiya over that weekend.
Sources have informed Nampa that the partnership between Amukwiyu and Nanyeni went sour as a result of a recent disagreement between the two.
The disagreement is said to be about a truck which was bought by Amukwiyu in Windhoek with money that was availed by Nanyeni for a business which is co-owned by the two.
Amukwiyu allegedly registered the truck under his name, and this was the root cause of their disagreement.
Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshikoto Region could not deny or confirm the reports of police officers guarding Amukwiyu’s house when contacted for comment on Tuesday.
“I do not know if police officers are guarding his house, but I am aware that there was a misunderstanding between him (Amukwiyu) and his business partner,” Katjiua replied.
The NamPol Deputy Commissioner also confirmed that the misunderstanding was about a truck which was bought with Nanyeni’s money and was then registered under Amukwiyu's name.
Nanyeni allegedly became bitter after Amukwiyu refused to change the ownership of the truck so that it could be registered in her name.
Without giving further details on the matter, Katjiua said the dispute between Amukwiyu and Nanyeni has been dealt with and resolved already.
The duo was not immediately available for comment. Nampa tried to reach Amukwiyu on his mobile phone to give his side of the story, but it went unanswered on Tuesday and Wednesday.