Namcol opens office in Opuwo

16 Sep 2017 15:10pm
WINDHOEK, 16 SEP (NAMPA) – The Namibia College of Open Learning (Namcol) on Thursday opened a sub-regional office in Opuwo.
Namcol Director, Harold Vekaama Murangi told Nampa on Friday that the decision to open an office in the regional capital of Kunene was driven by among others the distances that learners have to travel to centres in either Otjiwarongo or Ondangwa for services.
The Kunene Region, according to Murangi, is one of the poorest regions in the country and the cost of travelling for services had a negative impact on the learners as most could not afford.
He further explained that the level of education of learners in Kunene needs a strong educational foundation such as a Grade 12 certificate, and other certificates and diplomas offered at Namcol.
This could serve as a first step towards other more advanced qualifications at other tertiary institutions, Murangi said.
The Namcol Director said they have a good number of learners and students from Kunene who are doing Early Childhood Development and Primary Education training certificates, which also motivated the institution to set up a sub-regional office in the region.
Murangi could not hide his disappointment regarding the poor attendance of learners at the existing Namcol centres at Oputuavanga Senior Secondary School and Omakange both in the Kunene Region, which he attributed to poor parental support.
Mayor of Opuwo, Albert Tjiuma, who is also the principal of the Opuwo Primary School, appealed to the learners to make use of the 10 computers at the new office which will soon be doubled as promised by Murangi.
“It will be very sad for us as a region to lose this office just because it has been under-utilised,” Tjiuma warned.
The Namibia Port Authority, according to Murangi, has promised to donate N.dollars 50 000 which will be used to buy more equipment, while the constituency councillor for Kamanjab, Angenisia Tjaritje pledged N.dollars 10 000b which will provide cleaning materials for the office.
The office is located at the old Magistrate’s building on the main road, Mbumbijazo Muharukua Road.
Namcol has more than 500 learners and students registered in the Kunene Region.