Ohaingu donates mahangu and sorghum to Oukwanyama palace

16 Sep 2017 13:00pm
OMHEDI, 16 SEP (NAMPA) – Representatives of 55 villages from the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority’s (OTA) Ohaingu District donated several mahangu and sorghum bags of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 kilogrammes to the Oukwanyama palace on Friday.
OTA’s Senior Councillor for the Ohaingu District, Nghidinihamba Ndilula led the delegation to the palace.
This is the first time that an organised group of villagers is donating mahangu and sorghum to ouhamba.
“Individual villagers, headmen and senior councillors used to donate mahangu at ouhamba (palace) for the queen to feed her people and those visiting, but this one is the first to be done in style,” Ndilula told Nampa at the event.
He pointed out that the donation was done under “oshipe”, the traditional festival of celebrating the annual harvest and thanking God for the new harvest.
“We received good rains this year which resulted in a bumper harvest of mahangu. Therefore, as the community of Ohaingu District, we resolved to thank God by donating the bags of mahangu and sorghum to ouhamba (palace) as food for its family, visitors, orphans and vulnerable children,” Ndilula said.
He explained that Oshipe serves also as a revitalisation of the country’s traditional practices, which were neglected and undermined during the colonial era.
Receiving the donation, Oukwanyama queen, Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu applauded the community of Ohaingu and urged all communities under her jurisdiction to work hard in order to ensure Namibia of food security.
Yanelumbu at the same time called on the Ohaingu community and 10 other districts of Oukwanyama to embrace the spirit of unity and live peacefully with each other.
She also asked them to report misconduct on the part of any Oukwanyama traditional leader so that action would be taken against such an individual.
Oukwanyama has Ohaingu, Omhedi, Onamhinda, Omungwelume, Weyulu Hedimbi, Onamutayi, Onandova, Eudaneko, Oshikunde, Okongo and Eenhana as its districts.