Khomas education director wants more schools to participate in Spelling Bee competition

15 Sep 2017 09:30am
WINDHOEK, 15 SEP (NAMPA) - Khomas Regional Education Director, Gerard Vries has expressed disappointment in schools that do not enter their learners in the annual Spelling Bee Competition.
Vries was speaking at the 2017 Khomas Regional Spelling Bee Competition on Thursday.
Grades 5, 6 and 7 learners of 19 Windhoek schools competed for the top prize.
The director said the competition was another way of implementing the curriculum for English learners.
“Those guilty of depriving learners from this activity should therefore ensure that they bring learners on board,” he stated.
He said learners can reach their highest potential if educators are willing to expose them to each activity which is beneficial to them.
“I therefore sincerely hope that in future, all primary schools will participate in this event,” Vries said.
He applauded the organisers for their efforts to enhance the learners’ listening, speaking, reading and writing through the spelling competition.
“I would therefore like to extend a word of sincere gratitude to the schools that ensure the learners participate in Spelling Bee competitions at school, cluster as well as regional levels. Thank you for exploring various techniques through which our learners can learn,” he said.
Meanwhile, plans are afoot to hold a national Spelling Bee competition next year.
Wendy Arnat, one of the organisers of the Khomas Region Spelling Bee competition, told Nampa that a national event is high on their agenda for next year.
She said a national competition requires all or many regions to have their regional competitions to enable the best learners to meet at the finals.
Arnat said she was aware of a few other regions that also hold spelling competitions, and that all other regions should be encouraged to hold similar competitions as they serve to enhance the learners’ ability to listen, speak, read and write effectively.