SOEs never implemented resolutions of consultative meeting

31 Oct 2013 22:29pm
WINDHOEK, 31 OCT (NAMPA) - None of the resolutions taken during the consultative meeting between the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts (PAC) last year have been implemented.
That consultative meeting, which was held in November 2012, came up with nine resolutions to be adopted by the State-Owned Enterprises’ Governance Council Secretariat (SOEGCS) and SOEs in the country, but none of the resolutions have so far been implemented by the more than 80 SOEs in the country.
The resolutions, amongst others, include the establishment of a forum for SEOs to meet and discuss various issues and share information, experiences and best practices.
It was also resolved that the SOEGCS should undertake meetings of similar nature to receive information from SOEs on the challenges, constraints and difficulties they face in fulfilling their given mandate.
The secretariat of the Governance Council is supposed to develop a comprehensive database of all SOEs, the nature of their operations, categorisation and other issues related to their mandates.
During that meeting, the SOEGCS was furthermore instructed to see to it that performance agreements as provided for in the SOEs Act are implemented and enforced.
“A year has passed, and none of these resolutions have been implemented. Some resolutions are being discussed, and others are not even fully- implemented.
This is registered as a serious concern,” the PAC chairperson Usutuaije Maamberua fumed during a consultative meeting here on Thursday.
The consultative meeting was aimed at reviewing progress made on the Committee's recommendations, and sharing ideas on the way forward.
“It appears no progress has been made. The meeting was to review progress, and no progress has been made,” Maamberua stressed.
He then urged the Heads of SOEs and SOEGCS to implement the nine resolutions by next year.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Director of the SOEGCS’ Economic and Administration department, Richard Kakona said the council will try its best to implement the resolutions.
He, however, indicated that the Council also faces challenges in implementing these resolutions.
These include the lack of manpower within the Council, with Kakona saying they have to hire consultants most of the time.
Another challenge, he noted, is financial.
He singled out the resolution that performance agreements be implemented as one which definitely needs to be enforced by all SOEs.
Kakona said the implementation of performance agreements requires about N.dollars 5 million.
Maamberua then urged the Governance Council to come up with a detailed written report for the next consultative meeting, indicating which SOE did not implement the resolutions, and which ones did.
He also indicated that his committee will come up with action plans to be attached to each of the resolutions.
The next consultative meeting is set to take place towards the end of next year.