Nambahu wants plastics banned in game parks

14 Sep 2017 10:40am
SANGWALI, 14 SEP (NAMPA) - Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism (MET), Tommy Nambahu on Wednesday proposed a total ban of plastics in Namibia’s game parks.
Nambahu was speaking on Wednesday at the Nkasa Rupara National Game Park in the Zambezi Region, where he inaugurated 19 houses and office facilities for game rangers inside the park.
About 200 people attended the event.
He urged community members in and around the park to avoid dumping plastics in the area, as it is considered home to a high concentration of wildlife such as elephants, buffaloes, impalas, giraffes and kudus that might accidentally eat it.
The deputy minister said game parks are essential as they bring into the country foreign currency through tourism and trophy hunting.
“We have to keep our parks clean and this exercise must be started now by banning all plastics from entering the game parks,” he said, explaining that plastic items such as bags and bottles make the parks dirty, which may deter tourists from visiting them.
The park is situated in the Judea Lyaboloma Constituency, about 140 kilometres south-eat of Katima Mulilo.
Nambahu appealed to game guards to be on alert and redouble their efforts against poaching in the area, explaining that if elephants, for instance, feel safe their population will increase. However, this might attract more poaching.
Nambahu noted that Namibia has a population of over 22 000 elephants and 14 000 of those are found in the Zambezi Region.