Exhibitors should start marketing Namibian products: Mutjavikua

31 Oct 2013 22:29pm
WALVIS BAY, 31 OCT (NAMPA) – The Governor of the Erongo Region, Cleophas Mutjavikua has urged exhibitors at trade fairs and expos to move towards marketing their own products instead of products manufactured outside Namibia.
Mutjavikua made this statement during the official opening of the Namibian Port Authority (Namport) Erongo Business and Tourism Expo here on Wednesday.
The governor said trade fairs hosted in the country are still being confronted with the same situation where 95 per cent of the products sold are not produced in Namibia.
He stated that exhibitors are not marketing the products, but only acting as agents selling the products.
“It is time for us to come up with our own programme of producing whatever we are exhibiting. We should not keep exhibiting what is being made in China or somewhere else. Let us be proud Namibians and come up with Namibian products,” Mutjavikua stated.
He went on to say the Erongo Region is competing with other regions for investment and resources and as a result, there should be a proactive mindset.
“To be relevant in the Erongo Region, extraordinary efforts should be made to become tightly knit and adaptable, and to do whatever there needs to be done to be better and cheaper than others. It is also important to make sure that we are inventing new products and that we are coming up with something different,” he stated, before saying that all towns in the region should jointly support the Namport Erongo Business and Tourism Expo.
Mutjavikua called on other towns such as Omaruru, who hosts the Oasis Festival, to not “break away” and host their own expos, which takes place every year at the same time as the Namport expo.
He further indicated that the Erongo Regional Council is working towards making the expo grow beyond its current boundaries by developing a first of its kind international exhibition conference centre.
“We are working on an idea with the municipalities of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund to develop an international exhibition conference centre. We have an area we are looking at and both towns are supporting this centre, which will be the first one in Namibia,” the governor said.
The Namport Erongo Business and Tourism Expo is taking place at the Walvis Bay Civic Centre.
It started on Wednesday and ends on Saturday.
The objective of the expo is primarily to promote business and tourism within the Erongo Region and beyond by presenting a platform for exhibitors to promote their businesses and industries.
This year’s expo includes both indoor and outdoor exhibitions, as well as two halls and marquee tents to accommodate the array of mainly enterprises in trade and tourism, Government Ministries, parastatals and SMEs.
Complementing the exhibitions are a VIP lounge, amusement facilities for children, and food stalls.