Eco-Kids Namibia film project launched

31 Oct 2013 22:29pm
WINDHOEK, 31 OCT (NAMPA) - The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Joel Kaapanda on Thursday called on Namibian children to become life-long environmental guardians and cultivate national pride.
Kaapanda made the call in a speech read by his Special Advisor Mvula ya Nangolo during the launch of the N.dollars 500 000 Eco-Kids Namibia film project in Windhoek.
Through the Eco-Kids Namibia film project, children between the age of six and 13 years will be able to use modern technology to voice their concerns in a creative and empowering way.
Eco-Kids Namibia will also motivate and excite children about the potential of film, so that they can 'show and tell' their own stories.
The project will inform them about environmental issues and will foster respect and fascination for all life, Kaapanda indicated.
“We want to inspire our children to become life-long environmental guardians, cultivate national pride and create unity within diversity,” the minister reiterated.
Kaapanda explained that at the end of the day, Eco-Kids Namibia will help empower children to become confident and media literate.
“The project will also help to support and develop a growing healthy, vibrant media industry and to have our Namibian children bursting with national pride,” he stated.
The ICT Ministry, through the Namibian Film Commission, has invested more than N.dollars 500 000 in the Eco-Kids Namibia film project.
“Through the stimulating and thought provoking medium of film, and with a vibrant Eco-Kids Namibia website, many children will interact and instinctively familiarise themselves with the digital world. Eco-Kids will also ensure that in the future, a greater percentage of our school children will be media literate, and familiar with the digital world,” said Kaapanda.
He went on to say through their quest for stories to tell, and as a result of the opportunities Eco-Kids will eventually afford them, the youngsters will feel and truly understand the meaning of ‘My Namibia, My Country, My Pride’.
“I believe if we learn to love and nurture the natural world around us, we will love each other more too. As we are all aware, Namibia's environment is exceptionally beautiful yet fragile and complex, and globally we are facing a future of environmental change and uncertainty which our children will grow up in. This is the right opportunity to combine environmental awareness with ICT,” the minister stated.
Speaking at the same occasion, Eco-Kids Project Coordinator Virginia Witts said there will be an interactive hub for projects on the website which will have a strong environmental and media focus.
It will offer filming tips, suggested topics, games, activities, links to other relevant sites, competitions and film festival entry forms.
The first Eco-Kids Film festival and workshops will take place on 26 and 27 September 2014.