Swakopmund Mayoral Fund raises money with revolving auction

09 Sep 2017 15:10pm
SWAKOPMUND, 09 SEP (NAMPA) – A nanny goat and its offspring will be on offer in a revolving auction by the Swakopmund Mayoral Development Fund in November this year.
The goat was donated to the mayoral fund by Swakopmund councillor Uahimisa Kaapehi last year to help with the generation of funds and is kept at the Rossmund Golf Course.
Businessman Riaan Coetzee submitted the highest bid of N.dollars 2 600 to take on the responsibility of looking after the animal.
During a visit to the golf course outside Swakopmund on Friday, Nashilundo said the goat will be on offer in the revolving auction every three months.
It gave birth to twins in March this year and Coetzee said one of the kids will be on auction along with her mother.
“The highest bidder will take over the feeding responsibility for three months, but the goat will remain on the plot,” said Coetzee, who spends N.dollars 700 a month on feed.
Acting Chief Executive Officer of Swakopmund, Marco Swarts said interested bidders will be informed via newspaper advertisements or on social media to submit bids.
The highest bidder will be announced in November.
Swarts said the starting prices for the auction are yet to be determined.
Providing an update on the fund’s activities, Swakopmund mayor Paulina Nashilundo said it focuses on supporting disadvantaged residents of the coastal town.
Occasionally, it also helps residents or schools elsewhere in the Erongo Region.
“Every year we make available N.dollars 10 000 for one school in Swakopmund. They submit their needs with quotations and we pay the supplier,” she said.
This year, Festus !Gonteb Primary School in Swakopmund received football boots for learners.
Otjiperongo Junior Secondary School in the Omatjete area received a photocopier last year.
Other funds were used to buy blankets, food and building materials for shack fire victims.