Kandorozu disappointed in govt representation at Okakarara Trade Fair

09 Sep 2017 11:50am
OKAKARARA, 09 SEP (NAMPA) - A lack of funds prevented Government ministries from participating in the Okakarara Annual Trade Fair this year.
Okakarara Constituency Councillor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu on Friday said he was disappointed as the trade fair is a good platform for ministries to bring their services closer to people in the rural areas.
He told Nampa in an interview all Government ministries were invited to the fair but only the Ministries of Information and Communication Technology, Environment and Tourism, Fisheries and Marine Resources and Directorate of Disability Affairs are represented at the Okakarara Trade Centre.
One of the ministries invited was the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, which indicated that they could not participate because of a lack of funds.
Kandorozu said compared to this year, the ministries’ attendance in 2015 and 2016 was ‘overwhelming’.
“They are supposed to participate in the fair to promote and market their services,” he said, adding that this was one of the main reasons why the Okakarara Trade Fair was established.
Kandorozu said it appears as if the ministries prioritise participation in the Windhoek Show and Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair, places where they are already present.
“Do you think the rural-urban migration, which is a concern, will be minimised if it is our Government ministries promoting it? This must change in 2018,” he said.
Chief Administrator of the Okakarara Trade Fair Society, Golden Katjatako told this news agency there are 152 local and international exhibitors at the trade fair, which started Monday and ends on Sunday.
These include 36 State-owned enterprises, four exhibitors from Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Bulgaria and 45 small and medium enterprises.