CoW approves sale of 95 Otjomuise plots

07 Sep 2017 18:30pm
WINDHOEK, 07 SEP (NAMPA) – The City of Windhoek (CoW) has approved the sale and allocation of 95 single residential erven in Otjomuise Extension 1 area by way of private treaty.
Whilst 95 land applicants will celebrate when the CoW announces on Friday through the local media who qualified for a plot, there are 411 applicants who did not meet the requirements for the plots which were advertised in 2016.
According to the Municipal Council Agenda provided during the CoW’s monthly council meeting on Wednesday, 1 527 offers were made for the 95 erven.
While 411 applicants were disqualified, the remaining 1 116 - including the 95 qualifying sales – were subjected to further scrutiny.
The criteria in the allocation process where more than one application was received was that preference would be given to the highest offer; to previously disabled persons; to disadvantaged women; and disadvantaged men.
CoW Councillor, Ian Subasubani during the monthly meeting on Wednesday however said offering the erven to the public by giving preference to the highest bidder was still a method of auctioning.
Auctioning, as a method of alienation, was suspended because of a ministerial directive until further notice.
Subasubani instead suggested that the City consider doing away with the method of giving preference to the highest offer in future.
He also suggested the City should put a limit on the selling price and amount an individual can bid for on an erf.
Another councillor, Brunhilde Cornelius said the council should consider speeding up land application processes and hastening land delivery as a lot of Windhoek residents are still landless.