Shortage of funds may delay water supply to Okangwati

07 Sep 2017 07:50am
WINDHOEK, 07 SEP (NAMPA) – The recent financial situation in Government may delay the provision of potable water to the Okangwati settlement in the Epupa Constituency of the Kunene Region.
This concern was registered to Nampa by Tjimutambo Kuuoko, who is the Chief Administrative Officer at the Epupa Constituency office.
Kuuoko told this agency that three of the four boreholes that were drilled at Ohamaremba village in the Epupa Constituency are said to have enough water to supply Okangwati village.
Ohamaremba is situated about 14 kilometres east of Okangwati which is the constituency capital.
Confirming the situation to Nampa was Chief Control Officer at the Epupa Constituency office, Tjikunda Kulunga who said although the drilling was completed the process has stopped as people are busy exploiting all avenues to source funds for this purpose.
Kulunga told Nampa that the shortage of money was one of the critical topics on the agenda of the Constituency Development Committee held in Okangwati on 15 August.
“The residents of this settlement need potable water, but funds are not secured to provide them with the recently drilled water from Ohamaremba,” said Kulunga.
According to Kulunga, an environmental study is to be done to determine where the water pipes will be laid.
Kuuko told this reporter that the entire process was scheduled to be completed in November, but it does not look possible.
The provision of potable water to Okangwati will according to Kulunga boost the economy as many institutions will open offices there.
“Okangwati being the constituency capital through which tourists are driving to Epupa will attract the construction of lodges, guest houses and service stations which will create jobs for the residents,” Kulunga cited.
Okangwati residents have been struggling with a lack of potable water for the past 30 years and are forced to consume dirty water from a well.
The only borehole in the area contains salty water, unfit for humans and animals.