Land given to communities must be used productively - Hausiku

31 Oct 2013 10:20am
SWAKOPMUND, 31 OCT (NAMPA) – Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku says people who were fortunate enough to receive land from the government must make good use of it because productive land is a scarce commodity in Namibia.
He made this statement during the opening of a three-day policy workshop of the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement (MLR) here on Wednesday.
The workshop aims to review the land reform process by identifying problem areas within the policies, and finding possible solutions thereto.
The Deputy Prime Minister explained that land has social, economic and political dimensions, and conflicts may occur whenever there is no balance exercised.
Thus, to the ordinary man and woman on the street, the land reform and resettlement programme touches on their basic livelihood, and influences their chances of survival as a people.
“They expect practical land accessibility and occupation as a matter of fact. We, however, should know that the issue of land reform cannot be successfully implemented without emphasising the issue of productivity. Land can only be useful and feed its occupants when it is used productively and properly,” Hausiku stated.
He pointed out that he is aware of the MLR’s efforts to complete their inventory in order to register all communal land.
“This is a daunting task, as it requires the understanding, involvement and support of all concerned.
As a result, I wish to acknowledge your effort to involve the community through the local-level planning process, which will only serve as a vehicle to bring all parties on board and ensure that they make their inputs and guarantee that the way they live is acknowledged and reflected in the plan,” he noted.
The Deputy Prime Minister further indicated that professional land management requires technical and scientifically-generated data to enable officials to determine the location and size of any land parcel.
Such data would then serve as a tool to determine the best possible use of certain land parcels, and ensure that the land which is allocated is used properly.