Ondangwa signs agreement on plant to purify wastewater

25 Aug 2017 13:10pm
ONDANGWA, 25 AUG (NAMPA) – Ark Industries Namibia will invest some N.dollars 300 million in the establishment of a wastewater treatment plant at Ondangwa in the Oshana Region.
Through a public-private-partnership (PPP), the company’s Managing Director Iyaloo Nangolo and Ondangwa Town Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ismael Namgongo on Thursday here signed an agreement towards the project’s implementation.
It will aim to purify and treat sewage for further economic use in agriculture or to produce potable grade water.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Namgongo said the PPP will add value to what is regarded as waste.
“Now this waste water will at least be semi-purified and in the process we generate energy to further fuel our development,” said Namgongo adding sewage from the northern town is left unused in ponds and poses the risk of contaminating underground water.
He also noted how it poses a health risk should the area flood and waterborne diseases breed.
The CEO highlighted the project’s other benefits of creating employment; stimulating agricultural development; technology transfer to the locals; and energy generation.
The bi-product gas in the purification process will be sold to the Northern Regional Electricity Distributor (Nored) to generate electricity.
Namgongo noted that the project is in line with Vision 2030, which envisages the transformation of Namibia into an industrialised nation.
Nangolo, on his part, explained the project will bring modern technology to Namibia and enhance Ondangwa’s environment.
“This project marks the pivot for Namibia into a new power generation age,” he said.
Nangolo indicated that Anaerobic Digestion (AD), which is a biochemical process in which complex matter is decomposed in the absence of oxygen by various types of anaerobic microorganisms, is the technology to be used at the plant.
The project came about in March this year and its realisation is expected in April 2019.