Ueitele calls on private sector to aid development

23 Aug 2017 15:50pm
GOBABIS, 23 AUG (NAMPA) - Omaheke Regional Governor wants the private sector to play a more defining role in the economic development of the region.
Festus Ueitele said despite the good intentions of public-private partnerships, such efforts are yet to fully take shape and transform into tangible projects and programmes.
Ueitele made the remarks here on Tuesday during a ground breaking ceremony of an envisaged new shopping mall for Gobabis.
The new mall, expected to be the region's single largest shopping venue, will be an extension of the current shopping centre housing South Africa retail giant Shoprite.
The current centre measuring 2 966m² will be revamped and extended to accommodate mostly tenants that are not represented in the town.
Ueitele said Government cannot go it alone as far as development is concerned because of the mammoth responsibility that entails such processes.
As such, it will be ideal if the private sector comes on board by complementing Government programmes and projects to allow the nation to reap best results in service delivery.
“Government is the mother of all development in the country, but such responsibility cannot be left to it alone. We welcome the private sector as a formidable partner in development,” he said.
Referring to the envisaged shopping mall as an excellent example of public-private partnerships whereby the local municipality provided serviced land for the project, Ueitele said such acts need to be replicated in other projects.
“We will be fooling ourselves if we think the regional government can meet all its intended objectives without the active participation of the private sector. Simply out, without the private sector, we are nothing,” he said.