China condemns poaching by nationals

22 Aug 2017 16:50pm
WINDHOEK, 22 AUG (NAMPA) – The Chinese government has strongly condemned Chinese nationals suspected of poaching and other illegal dealings in Namibian wildlife, particularly ivory.
New Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming said this during his first media conference here on Tuesday.
He advocated for strong punishment for culprits found guilty of such acts.
“China does, and will not, defend its nationals involved in these banned activities and we are determined to continue assisting and strengthening Namibia with its anti-poaching campaign,” Zhang said.
The ambassador expressed dismay in how reports on these irregularities are slowly tarnishing China’s image, adding that Namibia and the world at large should note that this group does not represent the entire country.
Ambassador Zhang noted that despite reports regarding poaching being true, some media exposure of China had been negative.
He said little was being reported on China's generosity, despite the country being a major development partner of Namibia.
“China has assisted Namibia in so many projects, however there is not enough coverage on that, and this is disappointing,” he said.
Nonetheless, the ambassador said he was impressed with the country’s development within a short span of time.
Zhang said he had already visited several ministries in the past three weeks since his appointment, and had assured them of his government's commitment to strengthen ties between the two countries.