SuperSport can broadcast Namibian sports: Khobane

18 Aug 2017 12:40pm
WINDHOEK, 18 AUG (NAMPA) – Availability of finances and broadcasting rights play a major role in determining if local sports can be aired on DStv platforms, SuperSport Chief Executive Officer Gideon Khobane has said.
Speaking to local media practitioners via a teleconference interview on Friday from Randburg in South Africa, Khobane said SuperSport is open to broadcast Namibian football matches and other sporting programmes.
“If rights holders approach us and sell them to us, we would consider broadcasting those matches. But we will also look at how viable that is for us, looking at things like the interest from the viewers, the availability of sponsors and other resources like manpower and equipment,” he said.
He added SuperSport want to provide their customers with real value by broadcasting quality sporting activities.
When asked how his company builds capacity in countries where they broadcast, Khobane said this depends on the needs in terms of skills development and the availability of funds to train these people.
“If we sign a long-term contract with a particular country to broadcast a certain sporting code, then we will use locals for the whole production. That means we will have to train these people in order for them to be up to our standards of production,” he said.
Khobane added that as much as they would like to broadcast certain programmes from different locations in Africa, funds for production of such programmes do not always allow it.