Alleged police impersonators granted bail

16 Aug 2017 20:10pm
REHOBOTH, 16 AUG (NAMPA) – Six men accused of impersonating a police officer, theft, fraud, forgery and uttering, were Wednesday granted bail of N.dollars 3 000 each by the Rehoboth Magistrate’s Court.
They are former police officer Stephanus Kabono, 28; Nepando Willem, 39; police officer Josef Nauta, 25; Erick Willibard Noariseb, 39; Michael Xamseb, 24.
Sidney Seibeb, 44, was added to the charge at a later stage.
They allegedly used a fake search warrant to raid the home of Rehoboth Urban East Constituency Councillor and Hardap Region Chairperson Edward Wambo on 04 August.
The search warrant has a date stamp of Katutura Police Station with case number CR/08/201.
During their arrest the same day, a fake case docket dated 04 August regarding charges of money laundering and documents containing tender transactions and dealings were found in their possession.
The matter was on the roll for bail application.
Mateus Leonard represented the State and did not oppose bail.
Kabono told Magistrate Desire Kamboua he will for the time being conduct his own defence, while Nauta and Noariseb await an answer for their legal aid application.
Willem was represented by Boris Isaacks, Xamseb by Moses Ikanga and Seibeb by Christopher Stanley.
All accused paid the bail and were released.
Kamboua postponed the matter for further investigations to 13 September in respect of Kabono, Nepundo, Xamseb and Seibeb, while the Noariseb and Nauta matter was postponed to 30 August for their legal aid application.