Nafpu calls on NFA to establish DRC

16 Aug 2017 18:10pm
WINDHOEK, 16 AUG (NAMPA) – The Namibia Football Players’ Union (Nafpu) has again called on the Namibia Football Association (NFA) to set up a dispute resolution chamber (DRC) to speed up dealing with disputes and disciplinary issues.
At a media briefing in Windhoek on Thursday, Nafpu Communications Officer Stacey Naris said the NFA and Namibia Premier League (NPL) had no interest in the players’ future.
The union accused NPL football clubs of holding players at ransom by claiming to have contracts with them but not paying them salaries for the past year while the league is inactive.
It said the NFA is refusing to give players international clearance certificates, which will allow them to move to other countries where the leagues are active.
“Because of the absence of the DRC, players cannot challenge such actions,” added Naris.
Her statement was echoed by Nafpu Secretary-General Olsen Kahiriri, who said because the International Federation of Football Associations (Fifa) does not allow football matters to be dealt with in any court of law, Namibian players will always be exploited by clubs and the NFA.
Kahiriri further said it is high time the NFA established a DRC which will involve all stakeholders, saying failure to do so will force the union to approach Fifa.
“We have cases of players who solely depend on football to make a living; they are desperate to earn a decent living through the beautiful game. NFA and NPL are blocking these players.”
Kahiriri said Fifa resolutions are clear that if there is a default on the contract by any party, the contract becomes null and void, hence the NFA must immediately issue clearances to the players so they can join other clubs who will be able to pay them.
NFA Secretary-General Barry Rukoro responded that NFA has no business with Nafpu as the latter resigned last year as a member of the football mother body.
“Last year they took us to court, and part of the judgement said NFA was wrong to grant Nafpu exclusive bargaining rights.
“I wrote a letter to them stating that we have revoked that agreement as per the court’s findings,” Rukoro told Nampa Wednesday.
He added that it was Nafpu who took NFA to court so if they have issues, they must challenge the Labour Court ruling.
Kahiriri disputed this, saying the Labour Act instructs employers to engage labour unions regardless of the presence or non-presence of an agreement.