Security guard caught with over N.dollars 550 000 reported stolen

15 Aug 2017 15:00pm
OTJIWARONGO, 15 AUG (NAMPA) – A security guard was arrested here on Monday with over N.dollars 550 000 belonging to different business outlets in the capital
Otjozondjupa Regional Crime Investigations Co-ordinator, Deputy Commissioner Naukalemo Andreas told Nampa on enquiry Tuesday the money was collected by the guard on Monday morning from the businesses for banking.
The 41-year-old guard from the Southern Cross Security Company, however, abandoned the company vehicle in the northern part of the capital and fled with the money in a sedan enroute to northern Namibia.
Andreas said the owner of the company became suspicious when it took long for the guard to return with the money to their office in Windhoek and reported the incident to the police. The firearm issued to the guard was returned to the office in a yet unexplained manner.
A police roadblock was set up on the B1 road outside Otjiwarongo.
“At about 13h30 we arrested him here at Otjiwarongo with the money,” Andreas said.
A total of N.dollars 556 134.75 was found stashed in three plastic bags in the boot of the car.
It is alleged that he only used N.dollars 400 from the total amount.
The suspect and money were transported back to the capital by the police.
He is expected to appear in court in Windhoek this week.
Police investigations continue.