Shaningwa guilty of killing Finnish man

14 Aug 2017 15:50pm
WINDHOEK, 14 AUG (NAMPA) – A Windhoek resident was Monday found guilty of shooting and killing a Finnish man on 09 August 2015.
Danne Rodney Shaningwa was found guilty by the High Court on a charge of murder with direct intention to kill Ronni Marco Kristian Uolevi.
The 45-year-old was also found guilty on a second charge of defeating the course of justice for failure to report an accident within 24 hours and hiding his sedan that was involved in the accident.
“The accused was clearly unable to provide the court with a satisfactory explanation during trial. I am satisfied that the prosecution has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt that the accused did not act in self-defence and his version is rejected by the court as false,” said Judge Christie Liebenberg.
Liebenberg said Uolevi had never charged against Shaningwa with a vehicle and the accused’s life was never in danger at the time of shooting.
Shaningwa maintains he fired the shots in self-defence after Uolevi had threatened to run him over with a luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) at around 00h30 in front of Joker’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar in the capital.
State witness Alexander Paulus told the court during trial that initial gunshots hit the deceased’s SUV on the right front wheel, while subsequent shots were directed at the driver’s side.
Shaningwa fired nine rounds from his pistol, killing Uolevi before driving off.
Namibian Police Force investigating officers recovered the pistol when they arrested Shaningwa at his home in Windhoek on 11 August. He had been on the run for almost two days.
Carol-Ann Esterhuizen is defending the State.
Slysken Makando is appearing for Shaningwa, who returns to court on Tuesday for the presentation of evidence of mitigation and aggravation of sentence. He remains in custody at the Windhoek Central Correctional Facility.