Public urged to protect national documents

13 Aug 2017 09:10am
WINDHOEK, 13 AUG (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration has cautioned the public to take care of national documents as these are used for insurance registration, sometimes in a fraudulent manner.
Addressing a community meeting in the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency on Saturday, Deputy Director in the Directorate of Civil Registration Alfons Witbeen explained the ministry every day receives about 300 applications for the duplication of national documents.
“Our own family members are stealing documents just to register for insurance and once they see the money has increased, they declare the owner of the documents dead to get the money,” he said.
He also urged mothers to register their children for birth certificates at an early age and not wait till the child has to start school.
He said most mothers find it difficult to apply for their children’s birth certificates because of the absence of fathers, which should not be an issue given they have the required documents.
The ministry’s requirements for a birth certificate - notification of birth for children younger than one year - are the child’s health passport and original or certified copies of both parents’ identification cards.
Witbeen said a father’s identification card is needed because some mothers register children with non-biological fathers for economic reasons, which could later create a problem when the biological father appears.
Application for the late birth registration of a child above five-years-old needs proof of declaration from a community leader or headman/woman stating the child was born in Namibia.
In a situation where the child’s health passport is not available, a school report and both parents’ identification cards can be used.