Home Affairs criticised at Tsumkwe over IDs

11 Aug 2017 13:00pm
TSUMKWE, 11 AUG (NAMPA) – Residents of Tsumkwe in the Otjozondjupa Region criticised officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration for allegedly dragging their feet in issuing national documents at the settlement.
Aggrieved residents, mostly mothers and learners of the Tsumkwe Senior Secondary School (SSS), told Nampa Thursday officials worked “slowly and reluctantly” when issuing national identity (ID) documents.
They were reacting to the one-day roadshow of the ministry to issue ID cards at the Tsumkwe settlement on Thursday.
Kamene Ditavu, a Grade 9 learner at the Tsumkwe SSS, said over 100 community members, including herself, were not assisted by the six officials who conducted the roadshow.
“The ministry needs to do something for us. We need our IDs for school purposes, but the officials are slow and appear as if they are not in the mood to issue it,” she said.
Ditavu suggested that the ministry dispatch a mobile team to the Tsumkwe Constituency for a week to cater for community members, including pensioners who do not have national identity documents.
Jatandavara Kandetu, also in Grade 9, said he joined the queue of applicants at about 10h00 Thursday morning and remained until 17h00 when the officials knocked off without him being assisted.
“Many of us do not have national identity documents and when the officials of the ministry come here, it is for a limited time and some of us are still left out,” he said.
Kandetu similarly proposed the deployment of a fully equipped mobile team to work for no less than a week at Tsumkwe.
Senior Administrative Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration and head of the roadshow team at Tsumkwe, Gerhardine Garoes said provisions were made for them to work at Tsumkwe for only one day.
“We cannot assist everyone in a day. There is a high demand for ID cards at this place; literally the whole constituency, as you can see for yourself from the long queue,” responded Garoes.
She promised to inform head office about the high demand for IDs at Tsumkwe for the ministry to dispatch a mobile team to the area for more days.