Mayors, councillors should be full-time: NC

08 Aug 2017 18:00pm
WINDHOEK, 08 AUG (NAMPA) – Councillors at local authorities should be employed full-time to execute their duties effectively, some members of the National Council (NC) have suggested.
In this way, Members of Parliament (MPs) said, these authorities would be held accountable for work executed at local and regional councils in the country.
MP in the NC and Regional Councillor for the Kunene Region, Johannes Antsino, speaking during the debate on the second reading of the Local Authorities Amendment Bill of 2016 on Tuesday, said it was no longer acceptable for councillors to be employed outside local authorities where they spend more time and do not exercise their full duties as councillors.
Another Regional Councillor for the Kunene Region, Weich Mupya, said making mayors and councillors executives means the decentralisation of services for people is ensured.
The MPs also called for Government to look into the salaries of mayors, local and regional authority councillors, adding that they earn very little, some even less than a cleaner.
The Local Authorities Amendment Bill will be used to amend the Local Authorities Act 23 of 1992.
Meanwhile, some MPs also felt that the Regional Councils Amendment Bill of 2016 only addresses the powers of the Minister of Urban and Rural Development and aims to give him or her more powers.
The Bill will amend the Regional Councils Act of 1992 and is aimed at providing for the establishment of Constituency Development and Regional Development Coordination committees, and the powers and functions of these committees.
Regional Councillor for Kavango West, Nakambare Haikera said the Bill removes NC members from managing regional councils.
“The Bill is taking powers from voters to the central government for the minister and her cadres,” he said.
He recommended that the amendments should not be accepted and that further consultation is needed, despite it being postponed during the NC’s last session for the same reason.