Namvet leader demands more support from ex-colonial soldiers

08 Aug 2017 09:30am
OSHAKATI, 08 AUG (NAMPA) – Leader of the Namibian War Veterans’ Trust (Namvet) Jabulani Ndeunyema has expressed disappointment that Aawambo ex-soldiers of the then colonial military forces in Namibia are not supporting the efforts of his trust.
Established in 2010, Namvet is an organisation of ex-soldiers who served in the defunct Police paramilitary organisation, Koevoet, and South West Africa Territorial Forces (SWATF).
It demands that the Namibian government recognise Koevoet and SWATF ex-combatants as war veterans and give them the allowances given to ex-combatants of the former Swapo military wing, the Peoples’ Liberation Army of Namibia.
Speaking to journalists at Oshakati on Monday, Ndeunyema bemoaned that only four Aawambo Koevoet and SWATF ex-soldiers, including himself, are involved in the group camping out in Windhoek to demand Government recognition.
“I am dissatisfied that only four Aawambo Koevoet and SWATF ex-soldiers are amongst 689 Herero and Himba Namvet members, who are involved in the sitting-in campaign for Government recognition in Windhoek,” Ndeunyema said.
He demanded to know if Aawambo Koevoet and SWATF ex-soldiers were sabotaging Namvet efforts by pulling in a different direction, “the same way they opposed those who fought for the country’s freedom and independence, or had they become cowards?”
“We don’t even get moral support from the colleagues here,” Ndeunyema lamented.
He also demanded that all Koevoet and SWATF ex-soldiers who are now well-of, councillors in the local authorities or senior government officials, financially or materially support their Windhoek sit-in campaign.
Ndeunyema said some Namvet leaders in the far northern regions have failed the organisation and will be replaced by new leaders soon. He declined to disclose their names.
According to him, Festus Ndemumana and Gustaf Katjirua are the acting leaders of Namvet in the far northern regions of Namibia.
Ndeunyema is in the North since last week to update Koevoet and SWATF ex-combatants on Namvet’s new development such as the outcome of its meeting with President Hage Geingob on 16 November 2016 and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs on 29 June this year.