New recreational fishing levies here to stay

27 Jul 2017 18:00pm
WINDHOEK, 27 JUL (NAMPA) - The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has said it will stick to its decision to increase the price of recreational angling levies from N.dollars 14 to N.dollars 1 500 per month.
The new levy was gazetted in June this year and there has since been an outcry from recreational anglers and businesses, which stand to lose substantial amounts of income due to the increase.
Speaking at a media briefing here on Thursday, the ministry's Permanent Secretary, Moses Maurihungirire in response to the outcry said the previous fees had not been revised for the past 16 years.
He said the ministry has been subsidising costs associated with the management of recreational fishing.
“The previous situation was tenable, however it has as well deprived the none-fishing Namibian society from benefitting from this valuable natural resource,” said Maurihungirire.
Maurihungirire said the current fee translates to N.dollars 50 per day per recreational angler.
He said the new fee is not applicable to recreational fishing in inland waters. Small scale anglers who are registered with the ministry or the Hanganeni Artisanal Fishing Association (HAFA) will also not be required to pay this fee.
The prime purpose of HAFA is to uplift the living standards of disadvantaged people within this town in the Erongo Region, while also striving to further create employment opportunities and enhance food security.
The project was initiated through the ministry.
“Those under the two entities will obtain their fishing permits free of charge, until new guidelines which are applicable to this category of fishers are gazetted,” said Maurihungirire.
He further said people who have already bought long-term permits can continue to use them until it expires.