Swartbooi quits Swapo

27 Jul 2017 16:40pm
WINDHOEK, 27 JUL (NAMPA) - Recalled Swapo Member of Parliament (MP) Bernadus Swartbooi publicly announced his resignation from the party on Thursday in the capital, saying he had worked very hard to be where he is right now.
“Where I am right now is not a surprise. I expected it. In fact I worked for this and I want to thank Swapo for finally granting me the freedom,” Swartbooi said.
Speaking at a fully packed media conference at Kommando Hall in Katutura, a venue for OvaHerero gatherings, Swartbooi said: “I hereby formerly announce publicly, without any fear or contraction, with the understanding that the truth is our only weapon, that I have left the Owambo People’s Organisation”.
The Owambo People’s Organisation (OPO) existed between 1959 and 1960, and is the forerunner to Swapo.
His public announcement comes a day after the party leadership withdrew him from the National Assembly following remarks he made during a gala dinner for the Landless People’s Movement at Keetmanshoop.
Swartbooi explained his opinion of the Swapo party, describing it as a one tribe party which had over the years suppressed the tenacity of other tribes.
“We are not saying we do not understand the struggle of other tribes regarding the land issue, but they still do not know what my people have fought for.
“They do not get it because they do not want to get it, “Swartbooi said.
Swartbooi also said by leaving, what he kept referring to as “OPO”, it did not mean that when the time comes to represent Namibia, the Owambos should feel left out.
“I am free now in body, mind and soul from OPO, but our Owambo fellows should be careful because that party betrayed them too.”
Swartbooi was MP from March 2015 until his recall on Wednesday.
He announced over the weekend that he was 99.9 per cent no longer Swapo and that he would resign 30 seconds after they fire him.