NDP5 popularisation campaign in Hardap

26 Jul 2017 19:30pm
MARIENTAL, 26 JUL (NAMPA) – Deputy Minister of Economic Planning, Lucia Iipumbu on Wednesday visited Mariental in the Hardap Region as part of the National Planning Commission’s (NPC) popularisation campaign of the National Development Plan (NDP5) to all regions
Iipumbu said the NDP5 implementation plan does not only set the required investment goals but also sets annual targets which will be used to monitor progress of its implementation.
“The NDP5 Implementation Plan will be the primary consideration in decision-making on Government budget allocation. Therefore, Offices, Ministries and Agencies (O/M/A) need to prioritise projects in NDP5 to ensure the alignment of the national budget to the national development frameworks,” she said.
Progress on NDP5 projects will be assessed on a quarterly basis.
Iipumbu said institutions responsible for implementation of a particular project will be required to submit a comprehensive progress report to the NPC.
According to Iipumbu, when they consulted the Hardap Region last year, the region identified good governance, poverty and malnutrition, unemployment, small and medium enterprises development, land delivery, housing, water and sanitation, energy and infrastructure development as priority areas.
“Given the agricultural potential, I strongly believe the region can contribute to food security and agricultural production, especially value addition to the agricultural sector,” she remarked.
She called on O/M/As, regional councils and local authorities to take ownership of the two volumes of NDP5 and work towards the attainment of the desired goals set for the nation.
The popularisation campaign aims at providing insights into the strategies and desired outcomes outlined in NDP5. It also provides a platform for various stakeholders and communities to interact with drafters of the plan.
The idea is to also engage communities and implementing stakeholders to fully understand and discuss key aspects outlined in NDP5 using a series of town hall meetings in the country’s 14 regions, Iipumbu explained.
The meeting was attended by chief executive officers from village councils in Hardap and various stakeholders.