MTC launches '081every1' to reach 100 per cent coverage

26 Jul 2017 18:50pm
WINDHOEK, 26 JUL (NAMPA) – Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) on Wednesday launched its ‘081every1’ project in efforts to reach 100 per cent network coverage in Namibia.
MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo said MTC currently has 640 sites (towers) countrywide and most of these are concentrated in urban areas, with the rural area left out for the most part.
“So what we will be doing is rolling out 524 new sites to cover 100 per cent of the population and this really is about inclusivity, giving people access and bridging the digital divide between people living in rural and urban areas,” said Ekandjo.
He noted that the new sites will be set up over a period of two years at a cost of N.dollars 1.1 billion.
Ekandjo explained that one of the criteria for setting up these towers is where people reside as opposed to where there are businesses.
He said for the next two weeks many tenders will be advertised for the erection of towers, and Namibian companies should apply.
“There is going to be a lot of job creating opportunities. As you know the Namibian economy is in a state [financially], so what MTC will be doing is reinvesting N.dollars 1.1 billion into an economy that is urgently needing the money,” said Ekandjo.
MTC claims to cover 95 per cent of the Namibian population.
Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa welcomed the initiative, saying it will ensure that all Namibians wherever they find themselves have 100 per cent network coverage.
He said the ministry intends for all public institutions, like education and health institutions, to be provided with access to the Internet.
“At the same time we are saying whilst we are making headway in terms of coverage and of ensuring access, we should ensure that access is accompanied by affordability so that the greater Namibian public can benefit from these services,” Simataa said.
He appealed to Namibian companies that will be providing services to MTC, to deliver services of high quality and avoid using the opportunity to advance their personal interests.