Potholes frustrate Rundu motorists

26 Jul 2017 14:40pm
By Petrus Muronga
RUNDU, 25 JUL (NAMPA) – Motorists in Rundu are unhappy with the deteriorating roads in and outside of town.
Roads that are particularly in a bad state are the ones leading to the Elias Neromba Senior Secondary School in the Sauyemwa residential area and from Sauyemwa to the Kasote informal settlement.
Gravel roads in the centre of town are also in a bad condition.
The road joining the highway to Nkurenkuru is filled with potholes, forcing motorists to drive on the sides of the road to avoid hitting huge potholes.
Many cars get stuck on the Sauyemwa-Kasote gravel road as the sand there is very thick.
Taxi driver Immanuel Silvanus told Nampa on enquiry recently the council should do something regarding the condition of all the roads in town because they are disturbing business.
“Something must be done before it is too late for rehabilitation,” said Silvanus.
He said other towns are rehabilitating their roads but it seems the Rundu Town Council (RTC) is reluctant to upgrade and rehabilitate the roads.
Annakleta Haikera, who uses the roads to and from work daily, is disappointed in the authorities for failing to rehabilitate the roads.
She said while other towns are moving forward in terms of road infrastructure, it seems Rundu is going backwards.
Approached for comment, Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo told this agency it is not pleasant to drive on those roads, and council wishes to see that all roads are rehabilitated.
The roads in town and some outside town were only rehabilitated before the main independence celebrations that were hosted in the town in March.
“We are hands-on trying to see how best we can address the problem and take services closer to the people,” Sinimbo said.
Council has contracted the Arova Trading company to rehabilitate all the tarred and gravel roads, however, the project has been put on hold due to financial constraints, said Sinimbo.
Acting RTC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Matheus Naironga said the project was put on hold because of financial difficulties due to budget cuts from Government.
The RTC has paid the contractor half of the money owed. Naironga could, however, not disclose the amount.
He added that tests on sand samples on the road stretching from Protea Supermarket to Vindundu Brick Supplier over about 100 metres failed, thus another test needs to be done.
Efforts to get hold of the owner of Arova on challenges faced with the rehabilitation of the roads were fruitless, as her mobile phone went unanswered several times.